Politics and Friendship – Can they Mix?

It can be difficult to make new friends. We often hear that it is best to keep small talk and safe conversations when we meet new people. People we meet should not discuss religion or politics. If both sides are passionate about their points of view, it can lead to a bitter argument. If you start discussing controversial topics too quickly, it can be a disaster for friendships.

Is it true that it is best to not discuss politics with someone you have just met? Can you have a great friendship with someone if they hate your political views? Is it possible to be attracted to someone even though you don’t like their politics? Do you think it is a good idea to limit the people you are friends with to those who agree with your political views?

Politics has become intense in many countries today, and divergent political views can lead to intense arguments.

Despite this, it is not always necessary to avoid any discussion of politics with people you don’t really know.

You might find yourself at a convention with thousands of people you don’t know. Yet, you have the chance to have great discussions about politics with any of them. You can be sure that many of the people you meet at these events will enjoy having political discussions with you.

You might be able to bring up politics at another time, even if you aren’t sure how they will react. Perhaps you are one of those people who takes political matters so seriously that it is difficult to get to know someone well enough to find out if their views differ from yours.

In this situation, it might be a good idea to have your political conversations right away to decide if you want to spend more time with the person.

While most of us don’t feel passionately about politics, it can still cause problems in relationships, particularly in the early stages.

It is why it is advised that we refrain from discussing politics until we have gotten to know someone better.

People with strong political views often dislike people who hold different opinions. People with different political views are often not open to tolerance. It is very difficult to form friendships or relationships with someone who has different political views.

Despite their differences in political opinions, some people still manage to form successful friendships or marriages. How can they do this? If neither one of them is passionate about politics, it’s more likely that they can form a friendship.

Ask yourself what you would do if you were to find out the opposing view of someone you don’t know. Next, ask yourself if it is worth taking the risk.

Sometimes people who have very different political views can remain close friends, or even married happily because they enjoy passionate debates about politics. They are able to overlook differences because they have enough respect for one another. Friends with opposing points of view may choose to forgo any political discussion altogether.