Integration of Faith and Politics

The church is God’s community. It is a spiritual community of faith that is mandated to serve the interests of God on Earth. God desires to reach the secular community through this spiritual community. The mission of the church is to reach out to God’s community. This is our first task to preach repentance. Then, demonstrate the diakonos as well as the apostolic mandate. Acts 6:1-8. We are to minister to all men, and we must provide life coaching. The church is the only institution that can provide answers for the dying world. We are God’s stewards.

Our communities need stewardship. What is a steward? The steward is someone who is responsible for taking care of things that are not theirs. He or she is liable to provide a detailed account of his/her stewardship. 1 Corinthians4vs2. Each steward is responsible to the person who appointed him, or to his master. In this instance, a nation’s natural and financial resources and people are God’s property. We have the responsibility and duty to manage, develop, and preserve what God has created, whether we are politicians, clergymen or traditional leaders.

Two words will repeatedly come out whenever you find the word stewardship in any context,” Responsibility” and “accountability” We are to preserve the nation from spiritual,morally,economical and social corruption and contamination by any means. We have the responsibility to manage, develop, preserve, and maintain the nation’s social, economic, spiritual, and public affairs, as well as properly manage the national resources and investments and the national treasury. As church leaders, we have the responsibility and duty to improve the moral, economic and social standards of our communities. It is regrettable that the church has avoided any involvement in community.

Ungodly people corrupt society. Corruption is actually sinful and gross wickedness that slows down a country’s social, political and economic progress. A nation that denies the power of God and his godly principles of governance is a country that has fallen prey to corruption and an erosion of morality and justice, peace, integrity, and the fear of God. This will cause a nation to experience a social and moral collapse that is beyond human comprehension.


According to Romans13:1, both the government as well as its citizens have a responsibility towards one another and towards God, the creator and owner all things. Each person must treat national duty as sacred God. This applies to how we govern our people and how we rule them. Although there may be many systems in today’s society, the final account will go to God. A theocracy is the rule of God by Godly leadership by priests, clergy, or prophets.

Man needs to be governed in any way, especially when he rejects God.1Timothy1vs8-9 Although democracy is not a Biblical system or order, the word government is frequently found in the Scriptures Romans13. Democracy is man’s work through philosophy and politics. Government and authority are ordained by God. Margret Thatcher, a legendary politician, once stated in public that “We can’t make it without religion.” What she really meant was that we can’t make it without God; a godless society is an evil one.

Most cases in the Bible show that the nation was singed by its kings through bad leadership.


As Christians, we are called and mandated to protect the nation from moral disaster. We see people abandoning what is right in order to pursue lewd emotions and sinful ambitions. There will always be a way for people to find meaning in their lives, live fulfilled lives, and be happy as humans. But all that we get is more confusion and human complications. This is common in seven categories

As a church, we have the responsibility to do the following in our countries.

  1. Spiritual guidance is essential.
  2. A nation without a prophetic voice or a prophetic direction will be doomed.
  3. Our nations should be managed for God. God gave man the first responsibility to care for the earth and to govern over all that he has created. It is God’s will that nature preservation be preserved. We must take care of our natural resources and our health as well as our jobs and the environment.
  4. You can be an example to the ungodly and political leaders in this world.
  5. Trusted institution that society and government can turn to for spiritual guidance and solutions
  6. Follow the great commission of (Mathew 28vs19) to disciple your nation as Christ.
  7. According to (1Timothy2vs2-4), we are to pray for and intercede in behalf of our nations. If we want to live peaceful lives, we need to pray for our leaders and not curse them.
  8. To be a Christian-based corporate body that is socially and spiritually relevant.
  9. Protect our national spiritual gates by radical and aggressive spiritual warfare.

Being a godly leader in your country does not mean that you are a president. It also means that you can lead in any environment God has given you. God expects us to bring forth positive results and fruit in whatever place he has placed us.

A civil servant can be anything from a teacher to a member of parliament or a minister. To be able to provide spiritual and godly leadership, you must first prove your competence and integrity as a Christian. All institutions should respect your presence as a Christian. Although it is clear that community leadership starts at the top, in practice it begins at the grass roots. This includes those who are directly involved with people and issues at the ground level. Our jobs and employment must be treated as sacred and a stewardship we have received, not just as a way to earn a living. Your labor in all things is not wasted if it bears good or bad fruit.

Your labour will be of benefit to the community, preservation or society and environment.


It is inspiring to see churches from the west and other countries that deal with social and community issues. Africa still struggles to find the resources and ability to address social ills. Theologically-based and Christ-centered programs that are designed to help the community must be viewed from a biblical, spiritual, and biblical perspective. The church’s mission statement must include HIV/AIDS, Alcohol, and drug recovery programs. These programs are part of ministry. Ministry is relevant for people who are in need or are afflicted.

Spiritual guidance is essential to shape society and provide solid moral and spiritual foundations. Is the church still relevant in the face of all the social problems and reality? The church needs to reevaluate its role in shaping society’s destiny. Otherwise, the church will be judged harshly by posterity.

As an agency of God, the church has a clear responsibility and mandate to find lasting and real solutions to human problems. The church has the ability to effectively deal with substance abuse because it is equipped with God’s word and God’s grace. However, there is a problem with lack of or insufficient emphasis. This part of social and spiritual training was not covered by the church’s training agencies.

The church’s strategic position on earth is to address social and spiritual ills. It is not in the best interests of the church that it condemns and ignores the wider society’s problems. If the church is not doing anything to address or prevent substance abuse, it cannot condemn it. We do not have programs or systems that address this issue, which shows that the church institution is not geared towards dealing with the matter.

We lack the resources to address the problem. All of them fall under the umbrella of pastoral duties. The church should have both spiritual practitioners and social workers who can deal with this problem. The church should be viewed as a safe place for those affected by substance abuse and not as a place that perpetuates stigmatism.

If the church is truly a revolutionary type of institution and called to foment social revolution by promoting justice. Lifting up the sanctity human life, fighting the underdogs, challenging the dominant value system in the world, it would seem that we should be leading on social issues that affect humanity

This part of the gospel has been neglected by the church. It is vital that the church responds to social problems such as substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. This falls under divine jurisdiction and the mandate to disciple the people for God’s kingdom. If the church fails to address these issues quickly, it is likely that the church has lost its relevance to society.

Salt is good. Salt is good. It is not suitable for the land or for the dunghill, but it can be thrown out by men. Luke14:34-35 Luke14:34-35

The church must then openly assist in the healing, deliverance, and rehabilitation process. This process allows for the acceptance of those who struggle with addiction into the church’s family without judgement or stigma. New birth is a way to restore a person’s spiritual and moral life.

Serving the church and society is the greater calling of Christianity. While some people may choose to worship God more passively, others may be more willing to take on more active roles in society. This type of aggressive role could include taking on political and national leadership. Another motivation for Christians is to be trend setters, way-makers and pace-setters.

It is not against God’s word for Christians to influence the areas of national leadership or political platform. As disciples of God, we have greater responsibility and a divine mandate to advocate truth, uprightness and justice in our corrupted society.

Fruitfulness in the Lord is more than just preaching the gospel and winning souls. It also includes making positive contributions to society and spreading the kingdom of God. Our vocations are part and parcel of God’s larger plan for our lives. God calls us to reach out beyond the church walls and serve others. Ministry goes beyond what we make out of it.

Personally, I find nothing wrong in Christians getting involved in community affairs. Because that is God’s will for mankind, I encourage Christians to assume political positions. It is our responsibility to manage nations; it is our stewardship. The greater calling and stewardship for the church includes discipling the nations for God.

God said, “Let us make man in our likeness after God’s will” and that they would have dominion over Genesis 1vs26
God blessed them, and God said to them: Be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth, subdue it, and have dominion. Genesis1vs28

Our best must be fully realized and effectively released to the next generation. The spiritual leadership required to lead our communities is lacking. The church has been unable to provide correct instruction in areas such as politics, government, education, community, and vocation. This has led it to abandon the most important institutions of society that God calls productive and allow us to take control.


It is prophetic and apostolic to desire to serve as a national or political leader. These are apostolic functions. This type of leadership is transformative and revolutionary.

My examination of doctrine has shown me that there is nothing spiritually or biblically wrong with politics. But I did find bad politicians. According to me, the Bible does not prohibit Christians from holding political leadership. However, it is viewed as stewardship of the nation.

Only dogmatic theology, conservatism and religion discourage this type of Christian involvement. In the past, all great men of God both in the bible as in our nation had a role in the establishment of the political system and the liberation of our nations.

The bible lists many great men of God, including prophets, levites and priests. They were spiritual leaders who had a role in society and in community leadership. They were God’s voice in all areas of life. They were ambassadors of God and represented God’s interests in all spheres. They were radical and took part in the affairs in the nations as ambassadors of God. People who are reformers within our society have a prophetic spirit.


The issue of politics and business has been a topic of debate for a long time among Christians, whether they are Pentecostal, charismatic, or protestant. Many believe Christians should be separated from politics and business. Politics and business can be considered secular and devilish. This mentality, attitude, and poor theology are responsible for the reckless growth of poverty among Christians and the body Christi in general.

This is also to blame for the gross corruption and wickedness in politics. Evil arose as the church began to withdraw from politics and business. Business, money and politics should be treated as sacred and equal to ministry. They require stewardship. Poor theology has led many Christians to believe that politics is bad, dirty and evil and money is evil.

I will ask you if money, politics, and business are all evil. Are you not concerned that employment is also evil and should be stopped? Many Christians work in businesses that are not supported by scripture. Others are in government offices. We must admit that business, politics, entertainment, and education are all part of our economies. These are the reasons why Christians have become so poor and insecure.

  1. We have removed covenant blessings
    2. We believed in sacred/secular separation
    3. We retreated from the secular (politics and business, education, healthcare, and entertainment).
    4. We turned the secular over to evil
    5. We have interpreted the bible so as to encourage fear, gloom, and escapism
    6. We were seen as receivers, tails or borrowers, and we ran to hide.
    7. We predicted doom and gloom, and then waited for the victory of the enemy.

Because light was taken from the secular by Christians, it is darker.

Is politics evil? It is difficult to prove that politics is evil from scripture. What I found was that God doesn’t have a problem with politics, but he does have a problem dealing with corrupt politicians and poor political systems. Like money and business, it is also wrong what people do with their money. Money isn’t evil in itself, but it can make you do good or bad.

You can, for example, choose to buy food for your children or buy drugs to cause havoc. The same goes for politics. I can choose to either serve the people I represent or be corrupt and a liar. What people do in politics is wrong.

Politicians who do not serve God’s and the peoples interests eventually become self-serving and power hungry, resulting in the abuse and misappropriation of power, citizen rights and public money.

Although it is not sin to desire to be a leader in any capacity, such a responsibility can come with high demands and higher costs, especially if one is a Christian.

Leadership is not about pride, but rather an ordination by God. Through these avenues God desires to disciple the nations through his kids. Our nation must be discipled for God, not Satan.

People rejoice when the righteous rule, but people who are not in the righteous position mourn Proverbs29vs2(KJV).

It is important to bring God’s voice into the business arena. We will be amazed at the power of God-inspired business ideas and decisions.

The sacredness of business, secular work, ministry, charity and politics is what God considers sacred. Therefore, Christians must do their work and be faithful to the ministry.

The church must be in a position to speak God’s truth into all areas of life, i.e. politics, medicine, education, and justice.

Many Christian churches are hindered by the ever-increasing financial need and burdens within the body of Christ.

Our influence will be expanded by incubating our congregations in investment, political, and financial incubators. Spiritual leaders and followers should be financially and spiritually successful as they represent the blessings from the Lord.

Biblical economics requires that all Christians who are involved in business acknowledge God’s creative guidance. Christians who work with their employees must pay them fair wages and give bonuses or raises in return for increased production and business contribution.